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We are one of the largest manufacturers of 3-3' DCB in India.

Our 1500 MT/yr. Plant is based on the Latest Hydrogenation technology  as against the convensional dextrose / formaldehyde technology popular in India.

Our main product 3-3' Dichlorobenzidine - Dihydrochloride ( 3-3' DCB) is used in the synthesis of   Organic Pigment Yellow 12 (CI No. 21090), Pigment Orange 13 (CI No. 21110) & other dyestuff colorants.

3-3’ DCB gives “The Best Doller To Color Value” for the most popular yellow pigments used in “ Printing Ink “.
We have built an organization that helps us to deliver world class products,  maintain high standards of integrity and achieve total customer satisfaction.


Our standard drums are polylined fiber drums ( paper drums ) fitted with paper dish top & bottom for rugged construction. An anodized lock ring is provided for tight fitting of the lid.

Our standard size of drum is 18" dia x 26" ht. Each drum contains 50 kg. Net 3-3' DCB on 100% basis on MW 253. We use pallets made from chemically treated wood. The drums are strapped on to pallets with polypropylene strappings & cling film covers the drum. Above standardized drum will take 9 MT of our product 3-3' DCB in 20' Palletized Container on 100% basis on MW 253.

After extensive trials, we have developed linerless fiber drums ( paper drums ) with inside contact surface poly laminated. The drums are fitted with paper dish top & bottom for a rugged construction. A rubber gasket & galvanized / anodized lock rings are provided for air tight fitting of the lid.

For USA we have Special drums for packing 100 lb and 200 lb of our product. 

Our packing drums conform to all Internationally accepted standards & approvals. We also offer an economical mode of packing consisting of 25 Kg. net 3-3' DCB on 100% basis of MW 253 packed in Laminated HDPE Woven Bags with inside Polyliner.   We also perform wipe test when required by our customers.

Technical Specification
Specifications for 3-3' Dichlorobenzidine Dihydrochloride ( 3-3' DCB )

Physical Appearance

Off white greyish moist powder

Molecular Formula

C12 H12 Cl4 N2

Structural Formula

Molecalar Weight

253 of free base / 326 of Hydrochloride

% Strength by Nitrite Value w/w

70% ± 2% on MW 253 / 90% ± 2% on MW 326

% Strength of dry material
Nitrite Value w/w

98% ± 1% on MW 326

Insolubles in dil HCI solution

0.2% max.

Insolubles in Tetrazo solution

0.2% max.


Positive, PH 2 to 3

Packing on 100% basis of M.W. 253

25 Kgs. Net in Polylined HDPE Bags


50 Kgs. Net in Polylined Fibre Drums

20Ft FCI quantity

12 MT in bag packing (Palletised)


9 MT in drum packing (Non-Palletised)


6 MT in drum packing (Palletised)


Synthesis of Organic Pigments like
Pigment Yellow 12 (CI No. 21090)
Pigment Orange 13 (CI No. 21110) etc.


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