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From a modest dyestuff company in the early nineties, Ornet  has evolved into a very competitive dyestuff-manufacturing base  with dedicated infrastructure and installed capacity to produce 4400 tpa. quality dyestuffs.

In the past two decades, Ornet  has evolved into a very competitive dyestuff - manufacturing base with dedicated infrastructure, consisting,

•  Installed capacity for 5000 tpa - dyes & Intermediates

•  State of the art Quality Control, Research & Development facilities.

•  Comprehensive environment, Health and Safety program in place.

•  Back-word integrated with 2000 tpa dye-intermediate capacity for captive use.

•  Captive power - backup  &  soft water -reserviour  resources on the factory site.

•  Customer services division comprising textile and leather application support and         Pilot plant facilities to provide total solutions to customer needs.

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