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Ever since it’s inception, Ornet  has focused on its core competency - Coloration - in Textiles, later, for Leather and Non-textile products.

Today  Ornet  offers comprehensive range of dyestuffs for textiles, leather, fur, polymers, waxes, wood-stains, paper &  Inks.

Ornet  has consolidated its presence in the field with extensive backward integration - producing critical dye-intermediates for captive use.

Well equipped and well manned R&D and pilot plant set up continuously engages in the development new synthesis routes for better performance of dyes, for cost reduction, waste minimization, recycle and reuse of chemicals.

These highly competent production sites with state of the art technology, infrastructure and environment, health and safety systems in place have attracted many a multinational companies in to signing long term toll manufacturing arrangements for exclusive dyes and chemicals.

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