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Value beyond chemistry:

Ornet  provides wide range of products for coloration of textile, leather and polymers.
Over the years, Ornet  has established bench mark for dyestuff quality and service.
Ornet  has imbibed and implemented ecological measures in inputs, synthesis and final products to ensure safe environment for  people on site as well as those consuming the products and society at large.

Strategic Objective:

Today, we are not among the top FIVE global business houses nor are we any nearer to any of the top TEN or TWENTY such business houses. However, as the Chinese proverb goes, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step and that single step we have taken. Determined as we are, we have chosen to take that single step on a road map that would lead us to complete the legendry thousand miles.

  • To develop and strengthen, our business contacts across the five continents.
  • To ensure, that we create customers and retain them with abundance of their goodwill.
  • For us  Relationship &  values run deeper than profits.
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