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At  Ornet  R&D center, our focus is on process research, waste minimization, recovery - reuse, product development to enhance our capability as competent dyestuff producer and to meet customer needs in terms of cost and performance.

•  Innovative Research

•  Cost Optimization

•  Product Development

•  Process Optimization

•  Custom Synthesis


  1. Organic Chemistry Labs with state of the art  equipments and facilities.
  2. Well qualified and experienced team of scientists and chemists.
  3. Pilot plant facility to support scale up processes.
  4. Health and safety provisions like safety showers, emergency exit, fire-protection  alarms & extinguishers  located at all work areas.
  • Development of
  1. processes for known products as per customer requirement,
  2. simpler routes with efficient recovery, cost reduction for traditional products  and processes,
  3. value added products,
  4. analytical methods.
  5. Scaling up of multi-step processes and achievement of high purities.
  6. Stretch Trials to fix operating ranges for critical process parameters.
  • Extensive in-process checks employed to study scale-up aspects.
  • Cost reduction through process optimization.
  • Training work force for safe handling of raw materials, processes & process wastes.
  • Troubleshooting process, synthesis and dyestuff application related issues  through in-house technical expertise
•  HPLCs – with PDA / UV detectors
•  GCs
•  GC-MS
•  UV Spectrophotometers
•  Computer Colour Matching System
•  Photofluorimeter
•  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Men with Mission

Team of scientists - Ph.Ds' in relevant sciences working with chemists formally qualified - Masters in organic chemistry, on

  • short, medium and long term projects.
  • imparting knowledge and training to production chemists on safer & efficient  processes and work practices.
A dedicated team of analytical chemists is engaged in
  • development of analytical methods,
  • impurity profiling,
  • raw material, in-process to final products analysis
  • closely monitoring and controlling  eco-parameters of all the inputs and final products.
  • providing customer services in areas of eco-testing of finished textiles and leather


We shall shortly approach Department of Science and Technology (CSIR). Government of India to grant us recognisation  as -  "In House R & D Center".

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